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Film workshops, Synergy

Synergy - fusing fractured communities through the energies of creativity is the Integration Arts initiative for Pan. Using our wealth of expertise with marginalised groups and building on local and London-wide partnerships, the programme aims to 'Synergize' young people and organisations to work together for a more positive future for all.

After a successful pilot project, ending in a forum event at Camden's Roundhouse, a 2-year programme begun to engage young people who experience disadvantage, poverty, crime and violence and are not in education, employment or training in Camden.

“…I think its just letting it all out...someone actually listened. Synergy is basically there to listen. A lot of young people need this - you really don’t find anywhere you can actually go to where you can kinda lay it out
through the arts anymore…”

Click here for the full Project Report.

"It Ain't Working" Performance / Workshop event:

An entirely youth-led event at the Roundhouse culminated the 2-year programme in February 2011 and again in August 2011. Merging dance, performance-poetry, djing, mcing, film, community discussion and graffiti art, the event explored the issues that young people in Camden think 'Ain't Working' in society. Themes such as media representation of young people, relations with the Police, stop and search practices and opportunities for young people and ways things could be improved were discussed with a local comunity members and young people.

Watch the "It Ain't Working" Short Film:

Watch the Synergy Feedback Clip and Photos Here:

Synergy has been funded with the kind support of the Santander Foundation UK, Awards for All, The Percy Bilton Foundation, Help a London Child and the Emmanuel Vincent Harris Trust.

See our latest NEWS for updates about Synergy projects.

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