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Supporting Pan

Individual Giving to Pan provides vital financial support to help us reach more and more vulnerable and disadvantaged young people per year using the arts for social change.

To realise our dreams for UK expansion and reach up to 10,000 young people in need, we need to fundraise up to £3million over the next 5 years.

You can help us to achieve this. The benefit of being a donor, is the knowledge that you are helping to change the lives of those in the UK who desperately need group support, skills development and a chance to re-imagine and live positive futures.

Pan has 3 levels of giving, and they are as follows, with examples of how your generous donation could be used:

Pan Supporter : £50 per year could pay for a trafficked woman to attend weekly sessions for a month. - Supporters will receive regular updates on all our work and (with your permission) acknowledgement on our website.

Pan Champion : £400 + per year could pay for 3 unaccompanied asylum-seeker children to participate in a project for a whole year.  - Champions receive as above plus an invitation to an annual event (free of charge).

Pan Change-Maker : £800 + per year could pay for 2 performances and in-depth creative workshop on the consequences of gun and knife crime for a group of young offenders.  - Change-Makers receive as above plus an extra event (free of charge). 

If you would like to become an official Pan Supporter, Pan Champion or Pan Change-Maker, then please click here to download our Individual Giving Form,  go straight to our CAF Donate giving page to make a monthly, annual or one-off donation or just use the form below!

Pan would like to thank our generous supporters:

Bill Gutteridge, Janie Spring, HHJ Sarah Paneth, Nikki Woodward, Gerald Lidstone, John and Mary Wallace. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships - 2014 and beyond.

We are happy to discuss ideas and possibilities of how we can work with you, your team and your business.

Pan’s successful models of work in the UK only reach a fraction of those who need them and only in London. It is essential that we replicate them to aid the many more people outside the capital, which is not the only place in the UK where we have identified people who could benefit.

There is a great need for our work offering new futures to refugees and asylum seekers, victims of trafficking and gun and knife crime-affected youth across the UK.

Pan has a five-year expansion plan to replicate our programmes to other areas of the UK with the aim of reaching 10,000 vulnerable, disadvantaged young people per year by 2019.

Pan’s strong core activities will continue in London and be the hub for knowledge transfer and training of our new artists.

If you or your organisation would like to support the work of Pan Intercultural Arts, please contact Sue Murray on 02078332111 or email

Thank you for your support.