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Fortune project PAN ARTS

Fortune provides a safe and enjoyable space for 17-23 yr olds from across the world, many who arrived recently from very difficult situations, to (re)discover their creative impulses, gain their self-confidence and their freedom of ideas and communicate them to a wider audience.  

As they grow they reach a stage where they can confidently create and deliver performances to the general public and mentor new members who join the group.

Projects have led to performances in many unusual places, including  ‘Asylum Road’, a portrayal of the history of asylum played within the confines of a shipping container, the production of 'The Colour of Love' in the crypt of a church and the walk-through food-preparing and storytelling event 'Taste of Memory' (check its blog here 

They have also created a much-screened series of short films ‘Journey to Make’  which grew from a performance in Kings Cross Station.

The Fortune group is co-directed by Pan artists John Martin, Debora Mina, and Annabel Rook, with support from other artists, volunteers and placements.

World Play 2016

Fortune have gathered over 40 games from their childhoods, including running, singing, memory, party and board games. Having taught each other how to play them and thought about the similarties and differences between their respective games, they now are inviting audience members to join in! 

World Play, supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, is an exploration of the multiplicity of children's games, stories and toys which influence our minds and pass on traditions, cultures and world views, the very essence of our heritages. Watch this space for our upcoming blog and website, performances and events too! 

World Play is in partnerhsip with the Horniman Museum and Gardens Youth Panel and the Museum of Childhood


Invisible Londons

Invisible London 2015Our 2014 – 2015 Pan Arts Fortune project, 'Invisible Londons', has been funded by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, and asks questions about the heritage and psycho-geography of London.

Our questions included: 'What is London like for young people arriving from other cultures?' ... 'What does the city feel like if you're coming from oppression, disaster or a war zone?' ... 'What was here before London?' ... Were there really monkeys and lions where Trafalgar Square now stands?' ...

The Fortune group got to grips with London. They investigated its history and its heritage and discovered its stories and its shape.

Through a process of research, personal reflection and discovery, they have created songs, scenes and videos about the past Londons, - the ones which shape us but are now under our feet. See song below. 

Invisible London 2015 map

Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund and in collaboration with The CASS School of Architecture and the London Metropolitan University, this project took them as high as the clouds (via the Shard), to the depths of the underground (via The Clink prison museum). They followed the River Fleet (and heard it flow through a grate in Farringdon) and explored the heritage and history of London at the Docklands and Barbican Museums of London.

Invisible London 2015 standing on mapThese stories, songs, memories, poems, scenes and videos were showcased through performances at Central Saint Martins- University of the Arts London and a beautiful installation and live performance at the Southbank Centre.  

Read more about Pan Arts Invisible Londons project and see pictures from the event on on the Invisible Londons blog. 

Songs from the performance 

"Sitting in the Shard looking over the City

Using X Ray vision SO THIS IS LONDON

Discover all the history, the layers of mystery


You can see everything from high in the sky

But look through the London Eye SO THIS IS LONDON

The earth is full of memories of so many lives


Water Fountains, Market Traffic, Roman Walls & Tudor Halls

The faces and the traces SO THIS IS LONDON

Underneath the underground do you know what's waiting


Want to get involved and become a Fortune member? 

Call us on 020 7833 2111 or email us on and we will get in touch with and tell you more about when and where we meet and what we will be doing.
It's fun. We guarantee you a good time. Travel is paid and we all eat together at the end of sessions.

To refer a young person, or to join The Fortune group, please fill out our Enrolment Form for Pan Intercultural Arts 

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