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About Us

Pan is an intercultural arts organisation dedicated to the exploration of cultural diversity through the arts and how such work can inspire and implement social change. This is achieved through workshops and performances with young people who are marginalised and at risk of social exclusion. Pan helps its participants find a voice through drama, dance, music, writing and film.  We work with people from all cultures and religions to encourage a world where we respect and understand each others' lives, discovering the possibilities of our rich diversity.

Take a look at the video below to discover a bit more about us. You can also download our brochure by clicking here.


and watch our patron, Jon Snow,

talking about our work, why it is so

necessary and why it must be supported:

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We have developed a range of programmes to support the development, and unlock the potential, of those in need, including a Refugee Arts Programme, an Arts Against Violence Programme and an International Theatre for Development Programme.  More recently we have implemented an integration initiative where these strands of work move more closely together, sharing skills, artists, inspirations and participants.  This move towards integration gave us the theme word Synergy.

We have just launched our Plan for Expansion to take our successful models to more cities across  the UK where it is sorely needed. We are fundraising for it now. You can help.