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March 2017

Fortune launches its website & zine

Fortune launches its website & zine11 March 2017
The Fortune group of young people from across the world is nearing the end of its Heritage Lottery Fund aided project on memories of childhood games from many countries. One result is the launch of its website and 'zine', which were released at the Horniman Museum. ...More Information

January 2017

30 Years On 6 January 2017
It is 2017 – Happy New Year

And that means that Pan Intercultural Arts has completed thirty years as an organisation. This comes as quite a shock to me and some of my longer term colleagues, but it is also a source of amazement to reflect on the growth and change in the company from its origins to where we are now.
...More Information

December 2016

Special Charity Benefit Event - Barry Cryer and Colin Sell Bring New Audiences to Pan

Special Charity Benefit Event - Barry Cryer and Colin Sell Bring New Audiences to Pan 3 December 2016
Comedy legends Barry Cryer and Colin Sell sold out at King's Place Theatre on Wednesday in a wonderful evening, raising valuable funds for our work ...More Information

September 2016

We Pedalled, We Pushed, We Got to Brighton!

We Pedalled, We Pushed, We Got to Brighton!12 September 2016
for the second time a Pan team covered the 85 kms from London to Brighton, known for its killer hills, with a mixture of steely determination, huge enjoyment and the knowledge that we were fundraising to get our work to more people who need it.
Thank You to all our Sponsors. ...More Information

August 2016

A Calais Icon at the Southbank11 August 2016
A Gleaming White Dome appeared on London's Southbank last week, bringing a rich mix of events to introduce and explore how the arts are of huge importance in bringing humanity to the difficult and often depressing realities of the life of the growing numbers of migrant refugees who are fleeing the terrors of oppression.
What was it doing there? ...More Information

Cycling for Pan - please help our pedal power

Cycling for Pan - please help our pedal power10 August 2016
URGENT: Act now and sponsor our eleven brave Pan cyclists who will ride the 54 miles from London to Brighton (with some big hills!) to fund our valuable work for young people in need. You can help: £10, £20, £50 or more - it all helps.... ...More Information

June 2016

NO to Racism30 June 2016
Pan is shocked at the outbreak of racist and xenophobic acts following the EU Referendum result and commits to redoubling its work to counter such behaviour and to support those affected by it. ...More Information

May 2016

The Jungle Dies – Long Live the Jungle17 May 2016
Following Pan’ visits to the refugee camp in Calais to run drama workshops, we want to share some of the experiences of being an artist in the harsh and cruel squalor of the “Jungle”.
...More Information

Amies Choir will Continue to Sing 12 May 2016
Thank you to Youth Music for a three year grant for our wonderful project which gives female survivors of trafficking a chance to sing together, create together and rebuild their lives together.
...More Information

April 2016

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong's London Marathon success 3 April 2016
All at Pan are hugely grateful for Mark Armstrong's athletic prowess and determination as he successfully completed the London Marathon raising £1,832.50 for Pan. ...More Information

February 2016

Back from the Jungle - and Still There

Back from the Jungle - and Still There15 February 2016
We have returned from a week in Calais' ad hoc refugee camp - The Jungle - a week which has affected us all deeply.
We cannot communicate all the roller coaster emotions of being close to people in this traumatising situations, but we will share what we can.... ...More Information

Informed or Imprisoned? Keeping Young People Out of Prison

Informed or Imprisoned? Keeping Young People Out of Prison 1 February 2016
Pan is breaking new ground in its funding for a project to get our film “Joint Enterprise – know the facts” into schools and seen by at least 1000 targeted students.
We are appealing to all of you to give just a little through a Crowdfunder. Every £10 helps one more young person avoid imprisonment.
...More Information

Into The Jungle – where the need is most urgent 1 February 2016
Pan has been working with refugees and asylum seekers from across the world for over a decade. Our artists will be drawing on this experience to run a week’s residency in one of the most headlined and needy refugee camps – The Jungle. ...More Information

December 2015


Pan's Christmas Art Auction 6 December 2015
This was a first for Pan. A donation of fine artworks enabled us to host a wonderful evening at Pushkin House in London’s Bloomsbury. We had never organised an auction and were uncertain about how to make it work, but unceasing work from Pan staff, thorough background preparation from John Wallace, the chair of our Development Committee and advice from our “star” guest auctioneer, Adrian Bidell, gave us a winning formula. ...More Information

November 2015

London Marathon Charity Place - running for Pan12 November 2015
Did you miss out on a place to run in the London Marathon this year? We have just one prized charity place to offer a runner/potential runner who would like to run for Pan. ...More Information

September 2015

Over the last decade hundreds of young refugees and asylum seekers have joined our arts for change groups to find ways of dealing with trauma and to discover new futures far from their first homes.
Pan continues to welcome refugees and urges governments and international bodies to deal with the current crisis at source, on the journeys and here on our threshold. ...More Information

A 13 year old change-maker – John introduces Lucas14 September 2015
The Maechler family lives just outside Zurich and has been close to me for many years.
They are a wonderful Anglo-Swiss mix, linguistically multi-faceted, and parents Philip (inventor) and Sonya (educationist) always discussing social issues (and much more) with their three children.

At Aidan, their youngest child’s christening friends were asked to donate towards Pan’s international post conflict work in Sri Lanka and now their oldest son, Lucas has delivered a great piece of fundraising for us.
...More Information

We did it!

We did it! 9 September 2015
Nine cyclists, pedalling for Pan, covered 774 kilometres (between us) on a brilliant September Sunday to raise money for our charitable activities in arts for social change.
...More Information

Pedal for Pan 6 September 2015
Pan's participants and supporters (at least the fit ones) are cycling London to Brighton in September to raise money for all the great work featured on this website. You can cycle with us and increase the scope of our activities.

Join Sue, John and others to pedal through southern England and really feel how exhilarating (and tough) fundraising can be. ...More Information

The Bikers are Ready

The Bikers are Ready 1 September 2015
it's next Sunday. Staff, friends and participants are in training for the London to Brighton 80k bike ride to raise money for our vital activities.
We need your help to make it happen. We'll pedal and sweat if you sponsor us.

Here's how......... ...More Information

March 2015

World Theatre Day - Reflect27 March 2015
Work in Danger!
Many of us were wrong. We thought the world was slowly becoming more rational, more developed, more unified, more peaceful. Of course there were serious setbacks and exceptions but the route seemed to be headed in a positive direction. Yes, we thought, we will overcome the problems and the differences and yes, theatre was one of the tools we would use to empower people to grasp a better future. ...More Information

February 2015

Juba Theatre - Big Dreams, Rocky Road

Juba Theatre - Big Dreams, Rocky Road16 February 2015
South Sudan is the world’s newest nation, still only four years old. It gained independence from Sudan after decades of war and, as an oil-rich country, seemed to have the elements in place for a bright new future.

Alas, it is not a place I am going to recommend that you visit, it is no holiday destination, and probably will not be for many, many years. ...More Information

December 2014

Weapon of Choice wins Deutsche Bank Grant 4 December 2014
We are delighted.
Born to Be: The Deutsche Bank's youth engagement programme has awarded Weapon of Choice £5,000 to deliver a residency to 20 young people at risk of exclusion from mainstream education. ...More Information

October 2014

Film for Social Change?13 October 2014

Film makers in Burma/Myanmar use film to try to move beyond communal violence with a beautiful, healing story.

Why did it cause such resentment? ...More Information

September 2014

Education, Education, Education 26 September 2014
In Myanmar (Burma) many minds are turned to the question of implementing a good and universal education system.
The Forum Theatre company which Pan has worked with over the last three years comes from areas of real deprivation where many obstacles are in the path of education.
How did they deal with the issue..................? ...More Information

Reasons To Be Cheerful 12311 September 2014
(and respect to Ian Drury)

There are so many things that make the work at Pan worthwhile and the obstacles bearable, but three came together on one day last week. They all remind us of why we do this amazing work.
...More Information

August 2014


Juliet Stevenson's wonderful appeal aired on BBC Radio 4
for our Trafficked Women's project - AMIES
you can still hear it on
you can still donate on

Lana is 23. She is from Albania and joined our Amies project just over a year ago. She came to us through a refuge for victims of trafficking and had only escaped her captors a few weeks before. ...More Information

July 2014

New member of the Pan family

New member of the Pan family24 July 2014
A warm welcome to our new office manager - Shamuna.. ...More Information

Thank you Laura..

Thank you Laura..10 July 2014
New challenges await for the superstar that is Laura ...More Information

June 2014

New Project launches - the Amies Choir

New Project launches - the Amies Choir 3 June 2014
June 3rd launched Pan's latest project - a singing and song creation group for former Victims of Trafficking. Singing for change builds on the success of last year's Praxamies choir. ...More Information

May 2014

Different Past, Shared Future

Different Past, Shared Future 29 May 2014
Pan's Fortune group will screen their collection of short films at Cineworld Wood Green as part of Refugee Week 2014. ...More Information

Different Past, Shared Future

Different Past, Shared Future28 May 2014
Pan is incredibly proud to be part of Refugee Week 2014. ...More Information

And our very special Radio 4 Appeal guest speaker will be......

And our very special Radio 4 Appeal guest speaker will be......23 May 2014
The wonderful and talented Juliet Stevenson, who has kindly offered her time to present our Radio 4 Appeal on August 17th. ...More Information

Making Theatre for Development in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Making Theatre for Development in Peshawar, Pakistan. 14 May 2014
It’s been nearly one year since Pan conducted the Training of Trainers in Bandaragama, Sri Lanka, for a mixed group of young leaders and NGO workers from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ...More Information

95.8 Capital FM

95.8 Capital FM's Help a Capital Child awards Weapon of Choice 2 £1000!10 May 2014
Pan would like to extend a HUGE thank you to 95.8 Capital FM’s Help a Capital Child; they have awarded Pan £1000.00 towards our Weapon of Choice 2 project: Your Voice, Making Headway. ...More Information


#BringBackOurGirls 8 May 2014
Hello – we wanted to share with you a newsletter written by one of our fantastic board members Jumoké Fashola, who recently wrote the following piece about the 200 + missing Nigerian school girls. ...More Information

April 2014

Exciting News: Pan chosen for BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Exciting News: Pan chosen for BBC Radio 4 Appeal 24 April 2014
We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been selected by BBC Radio 4 to host an appeal on 17th August 2014.

...More Information

Poetry Time

Poetry Time17 April 2014
Here is a beautiful poem written by our amazing volunteer Simona, who aside from helping us out at Pan, is currently undertaking an MA in Applied Theatre at Goldsmiths, University of London. ...More Information

Weapon of Choice awarded £375 by London SOUP!

Weapon of Choice awarded £375 by London SOUP! 10 April 2014
London Soup
Meet. Persuade. Discuss. Eat. Vote
...More Information

March 2014

WOC performance tour

WOC performance tour 18 March 2014
Congratulations WOC! On Sunday 9th and Monday 10th March, Weapon of Choice performed their latest, interactive, Forum theatre performance at the Roundhouse Studio theatre. ...More Information

February 2014

How many years a slave?

How many years a slave?26 February 2014
The film world is agog with the success of 12 Years A Slave, rightly so as it is rare for mainstream cinema really to examine the institutionalised barbarism of cruelty that “we” (the civilised western world) perpetrated. It is uncomfortable, even if it all happened a long time ago and far away. ...More Information

A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You11 February 2014
Wow - what an incredible turn out we had to our historic event at the Old Bailey last week ...More Information

January 2014

Travel Stories for Travellers31 January 2014
Members of the Fortune (young adult refugee) group shared stories of Forced Journeys with travellers in the concourse of Kings Cross Station. Memorial day for holocausts and genocides ...More Information

The CAW Foundation awards Weapon of Choice £500!

The CAW Foundation awards Weapon of Choice £500! 30 January 2014
We are delighted to announce that Weapon of Choice has been awarded £500.00 from The Caw Foundation. ...More Information

Weapon of Choice to perform at the Old Bailey

Weapon of Choice to perform at the Old Bailey21 January 2014
Exciting times lay ahead for Pan Intercultural Arts in 2014. ...More Information

National Poetry at Work Day 14 January 2014
A short poem written by one of our inspired members of staff. We think it speaks about what we do at Pan and more importantly, about what we hope to achieve... ...More Information

Weapon of Choice has been awarded the BBC Performing Arts Fund!

Weapon of Choice has been awarded the BBC Performing Arts Fund! 2 January 2014
Weapon of Choice will provide a bespoke training for junior artists thanks to the support of the BBC Performing Arts Fund.
Performances, tour dates and more soon to come!
...More Information

December 2013

Unravelling Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Unravelling? 2013

Unravelling Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Unravelling? 201319 December 2013
Talking to tigers and taxi drivers,  soldiers and social workers
...More Information

A Hoop Too Far

A Hoop Too Far 6 December 2013
Pan builds its projects from the ground up, developing projects that use arts for social change techniques to address the social needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people to live more positive futures. ...More Information

November 2013

Thank you to all our friends and supporters

Thank you to all our friends and supporters 12 November 2013
And so it begins. We recently had one of two awareness raising events which saw some wonderful friends of Pan come together at the Groucho Club in central London, for a night of cocktails and conversation. ...More Information

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