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Pan announces new grants

31 October 2013

We are delighted to announce the successful applicants for Culture and Conflict Implementation Grants from Pan.

Three organisations in the troubled area of the Pakistan/Afghanistan border have received grants to implement the Forum Theatre training they received earlier this year.

The projects funded through these grants all deal with serious social issues which result from the protracted conflict situation in this area. They are:

  • Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and overcoming resulting social problems with family and community – The Dost Foundation
  • Dealing with sexual abuse and harassment of women in the health services and hospital sector – Ranra – Peshawar
  • Working with runaway children and awareness raising around issues which affect these young people – Shaoor – Peshawar

This money is made available through ODA funding to Pan through the British Council and is the “testing period” of the training.  Pan has appointed an in-country mentor and monitor, Alyas Rahmat, to help these organisations through their pilot projects and we shall evaluate the success of the work after 6 months.

We shall, of course, let you know the results.

Congratulations to these organisations

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