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Weapon of Choice: A testimonial we wanted to share...

10 October 2013

Weapon of Choice delivered two workshops for young people at Sidings Youth Project. Our young facilitators enjoyed delivering the sessions and we are pleased to hear they, and staff at Sidings, enjoyed the sessions too!

Sidings Youth Project welcomed the Pan Arts (Weapon of Choice) drama organisation to our sessions and found it a resounding success! They explored adult themes in a way which was humanising, insightful and real, touching on issues which resonated with many of our young people.

The interaction between the artists and the young people was first rate with the tutors really opening up to the young people treating them as intelligent young adults in a way which was not patronising, but indeed empowering.

To have the level of engagement which we had for a drama workshop, was near to miraculous and the peer educational aspect was inspiring.

Stunning performances from all involved and I would endorse this company and production to all.

James Ingram - Sidings Youth Project  

Sidings Community Community Centre

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