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We did it!

9 September 2015

Nine cyclists, pedalling for Pan, covered 774 kilometres (between us) on a brilliant September Sunday to raise money for our charitable activities in arts for social change.


It all started with Ersaid, one of our young participants, saying he wanted to do something to help Pan. His first idea was a jump from a plane, but we vetoed that as a risk too far for a first fundraiser and soon he came back to us with the idea of a sponsored bike ride.


 It hit the right note with us and we soon found eight others, me included, who thought it was the right kind of challenge, for ourselves to do, and for our circles of friends and supporters to sponsor.

 Varying levels of training were matched by constant emailing and sending of newsletters, urging you to back us. A huge thank you to all who helped us raise the money. Many sponsors are long term friends of Pan but a really significant number were new to our work, and that is a success in itself.

 The team included one “serious” cyclist, a friend who had done such things before, but the rest of us ranged from commuting cyclists to the ‘enthusiastic but inexperienced’. However we cycled as a team, waiting for each other at agreed stops and hugely enjoying being out of London in the countryside.

 Our bikes also varied from the fairly good to the very clunky which made the hills of the North Downs and particularly the South Downs very challenging. Several of us learned that South England is not so flat!  The final hill, Ditchling Beacon, 248 metres and a massively steep climb, defeated 90% of all cyclists, so a huge hand to Murray Shanks from our Development Committee who stayed in the saddle to the top, and the top is magnificent with views of the coast and down into Brighton – a blissful downhill swoop to the finish.

 Rosa Luna Ricapa, a participant from our Fortune group started singing “Vamos a la playa” (Let’s go to the beach). Our hearts soared and as a group we rode the Brighton seafront to our welcoming group of supporters and friends.

 Yes there were troublesome gears, slipping chains, cramps, sore bums and many “how long is this hill?” moments but the overall good mood, glasses of bubbly and satisfaction of overcoming a considerable physical challenge sent us home very happy and looking forward to the next one.

 The team was Sue, Murray, Toby, Rosa, Ersaid, Faris, Meti, Elisa and myself and again we want to thank you all for supporting us.


The good news is that you can still sponsor us, the pages are open for another three weeks so you can donate as congratulation rather than as incentive!

 You can sponsor any of these individuals by clicking on these links:








and me,


So far we have raised over £6,000, but you can help us go further!

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