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The Bikers are Ready

1 September 2015

it's next Sunday. Staff, friends and participants are in training for the London to Brighton 80k bike ride to raise money for our vital activities.
We need your help to make it happen. We'll pedal and sweat if you sponsor us.

Here's how.........

Many of you have been tremendously generous in sponsoring the Pan team of staff and participants raising money for our arts-for-change activities. Thank you so much. 

For those of you getting back to your desks as September begins you can still help by going to one (or more) of these sponsorship websites and giving what you can.


Susan MurrayDevelopment
John MartinArtistic
Murray ShanksDevelopment
Elisa BragliaGoldsmiths,
Rosa Luna RicapaFortune group
Ersaid HaliliFortune group
Faris OsmanFortune group


All the money goes directly to our arts projects with:

  • Female Victims of Trafficking
  • Unaccompanied minors seeking asylum
  • Refugee Victims of War & Torture
  • Young people close to gun, knife and gang culture

Thank you for helping… we are busy training so we can make it a great day for everyone and a boost for the work.

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