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Pedal for Pan

6 September 2015

Pan's participants and supporters (at least the fit ones) are cycling London to Brighton in September to raise money for all the great work featured on this website. You can cycle with us and increase the scope of our activities.

Join Sue, John and others to pedal through southern England and really feel how exhilarating (and tough) fundraising can be.

At Pan we are always looking for new ways to fundraise to get the most access to our creative workshops.

As well as all the written applications it is great to find something physical we can do and something we can offer to you as a way to help us.

Do you cycle?

Do you want to face a challenge, just a medium one?

Have you wondered how you can prove your fitness AND really help people who can benefit enormously from our programmes?

You can pedal with us; members of staff, participants, friends, even our trustees if we can convince them, welcome you to the Pan team.

Get yourself in practise but first book a place by going to....

our online booking form

We look forward to meeting you on the road!

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